Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Podcast Brings Vikings to Life

Immerse Yourself in Nordic History

In the lead-up to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla‘s much-anticipated release, Ubisoft has done something unexpected: released a historical documentary podcast called Echoes of Valhalla. This immersive audio experience involving comedians, Viking experts, and reconstructed scenes will plunge you into the world of Norse raiders like nothing you’ve ever heard before. In five separate, fifteen minute-long episodes, the documentary will address many different facets of Viking society, including their military strategies, shipbuilding methods, and the traditional role of women. Ubisoft has received some criticism for its presentation of women recently, so we’re looking forward to seeing this addressed, especially now that Valhalla‘s protagonist Eivor is confirmed to be playable as male or female.

The game has also received a prequel comic by Dark Horse Comics, the first issue of which will be available on October 21st. The game itself isn’t releasing until November 10th, but between the comic, the podcast, and a brand new story trailer you should have many reasons to keep your mind on Valhalla this month. The trailer teases Eivor’s desperate situation, connection to the Brotherhood of Assassins, and how their destiny is tied to the fate of England. High stakes. Perfect for a game that wants you to build your own Viking legend.

Eivor’s story will put players in charge of a clan that has come to England searching for a new home. You’ll build settlements, forge alliances, lead bloody assaults on your enemies, and, of course, carry out assassinations. Though combat will be the most visceral in the franchise, Ubisoft promises that you’ll have plenty of gameplay options in what they describe as a dark-age open world. Recruit other players’ avatars as mercenaries, explore survival mechanics, unite the shattered land, and compete in the traditional Norse art of rap battling. Yes, really. Listen to the podcast on Spotify if you don’t believe us.

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