Resident Evil: Village Drops Gruesome New Trailer

It’s Just a Scary Story

We may not have had a Silent Hill Reboot announced during September’s PS5 Showcase, but we did get a new look at one of the most anticipated upcoming survival horror games: Resident Evil: Village.

Taking cues from its immediate predecessor, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Village (Or VIllage if you’re nasty) sees protagonist Ethan exploring a mysterious village after recurring protagonist Chirs Redfield breaks into his home and kills his wife, Mia. Plot details, apart from that, are scarce, gut given that both trailers so far have had Mia telling Ethan a creepy fairy tale (Here rendered in gorgeous animation that’ll make any fans of the Harry Potter movies jump for joy) and referring to it as a local tale, it’s possible that they live in the vicinity of the town where the bulk of the gameplay takes place. Is Mia still working for The Connections, and do they have a part to play in the events of the village? Who can say?

From the looks of things, Village is going to be a different monster from anything we’ve seen before. Unlike the majority of protagonists in the series, Ethan went into the first game with no combat experience – if it wasn’t for being infected by the same mold that mutated the Baker family, he likely wouldn’t have survived the first chapter, let alone the game. Village sees a more experienced Ethan but also ramps up the challenge, with what appear to be werewolves and witches among the villains. Of course, no game in the series has had supernatural elements – even Evelyn’s powers in Resident Evil 7 had a logical (by the series’ standards) explanation – so it’s likely there’s another virus, bacteria, fungus, pathogen, or prion causing all of the strange events that plague the mysterious Village, and I know I speak for a lot of people when I say I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Which Resident Evil enemy freaks you out the most? For me it’s those goddamned spiders and the Regenerators. Chime in with your entries on Twitter, Facebook, or down in the comments. The best opinions will receive no prize.