Deathloop Drops a New Trailer

Live. Kill. Die. Repeat.

Deathloop, the newest game from Arkane Studios – best known for the sublime Dishonored series – is a game that borrows elements from a lot of different stories. The game puts you in the shoes of an assassin, Cole, who’s trapped on the Island of Blackreef, which is trapped in a timeloop and who’s residents are content to keep it that way, since it allows them to party to their hearts content. Of course, given that time resets, there’s nothing stopping them from indulging in their most hedonistic fantasies and vices – petty things like mortality mean nothing when you wake up again the next day.

To escape the loop Cole has to kill eight specific targets by midnight, and the trailer shows just how that might come into play as it showcases two villains, the scientist Egor and the cannibalistic Aleksis. Cole comments that while taking one down is easy enough, the issue lies in the fact that the two are on opposite ends of the island. If Dishonored is any indication then there will be multiple ways to take down both, and the trailer showcases one of them, sabotaging an experiment which would keep Egor from attending Aleksis’s party and thus allowing him to kill two birds with one stone.

As far as gameplay goes Deathloop borrows a lot from Dishonored, with a heavy focus on parkour and supernatural powers allowing you to grab enemies from afar or launch yourself towards them. What differentiates the two games is that, while Dishonored was undoubtedly steampunk, Deathloop is inspired by the swinging sixties and features a heavier emphasis on gunplay. Crucially, Dishonored gave players the option to take down their marks non-lethally, often by subjecting them to a fate worse than death, but given that there’s no confirmed way off the island without killing all your targets, that may not be an option here.

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