The Last of Us: The Board Game Announced By Naughty Dog

“Click. Click. Click.”

Yesterday was The Last of Us Day. A whole lot of stuff was announced and put on sale including games, apparel, and accessories. It was also announced that The Last of Us would be expanding to other mediums. We know there will be a show on HBO based on The Last of Us, but there is also a board game in the works. Unfortunately, there is not very much information on The Last of Us: The Board Game and its mechanics. However, based on what we know about the source material and a couple of hints, we can speculate a bit.

The Last of Us: The Board Game

The board game is being made by CMON. Their official statement is more of a love-letter to the series, rather than a reveal of the game. It’s nice to know that they really care though. The blog ends with and ominous “Click. Click. Click.“, which is obviously pointing toward a presence of Clickers in the game. While Clickers are undoubtedly a threat, the more interesting conflicts in The Last of Us are between humans, so it will be interesting to see what CMON does with that.

CMON has also made board games out of other PlayStation exclusives such as God of War and Bloodborne. If these games are any indication of what we can expect from The Last of Us: The Board Game, there will likely be item or weapon cards inspired by in-game items, statues or player pieces of your favorite characters, and maybe some sort of map tile system for replayablility. Hopefully, fans of The Last of Us pay attention to this upcoming board game.

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