A Ton of Cool Stuff Announced on The Last of Us Day

Formerly Outbreak Day

Today is The Last of Us Day. For the past seven years, September 26th was celebrated by The Last of Us community as Outbreak Day, but in the age of COVID-19, it seems pretty distasteful to keep calling it that. The Last of Us Day it is! This year, The Last of Us Part 2’s inaugural celebration in The Last of Us Day, Naughty Dog has announced some cool stuff for fans including sales, accessories, artwork, and other TLOU media.

The Last of Us Day

Starting with artwork, Naughty Dog has linked some impressive posters from Mondo of Abby and Ellie in various combinations and styles. There are also some free downloadable wallpapers for PC and mobile from Kojima Productions, as well as free themes and avatars for PS4 users. They have also linked the PlayStation Gear Store that sells a lot of TLOU stuff like coffee mugs, Funko Pop! figures, shirts, backpacks, skateboard, and other items, many of which are on sale. Mamegyorai is also selling a Joel/Ellie 1/9 scale statue set from the first game, so they can stand together or apart. Similarly, Gaming Heads is coming out with an Ellie (Stealth Edition) statue with different set of parts that allow her to hold a bow and arrow or machete. Her head and facial expressions can also be exchanged.

Some more of the free stuff includes a link to Naughty Dog’s own Giphy page for The Last of Us reaction gifs, to prove to us that they are spicy meme connoisseurs. There is also a cosplay guide for Abby. It includes close-ups on her face (both clean and bruised), details of her weapons, clothes, and equipment, but it doesn’t include her workout routine. There is a whole lot more Naughty Dog is putting out there for fans, check out what is available to you! The Last of Us Part 1 and 2 are available on PS4.

Will you be taking advantage of any sales? Let us know in the comments below.