Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Hogwarts Legacy Unveiled During PS5 Showcase

During the recent PS5 Showcase, Hogwarts Legacy was revealed as a next-gen game. Hogwarts Legacy is being developed by Avalanche Studios and it takes Harry Potter fans into the wizarding world like only Universal Studios theme parks have. Gamers will play through the new Harry Potter game as a student from one of the four houses, and it will include the Hogwarts classes Harry Potter fans are familiar with, and creatures from the universe to tame. Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing for PS5 and PC in 2021, and it will likely release for the Xbox Series X/S as well.

The recent trailer of Hogwarts Legacy shows Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry, in an all-new light compared to previous games. The title properly represents the Harry Potter universe on the next-generation of console like nothing on this generation, providing a deep and immersive gameplay experience according to the narrator. Gamers can seemingly tame magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, and become masters in their favorite classes like Harry Potter in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Hogwarts isn’t the only location to explore in Hogwarts Legacy, as Avalanche Studios has a high attention to detail and has faithfully recreated locations such as Diagon Alley for Harry Potter fans to explore outside their schooling hours. Fans of Harry Potter will fittingly be sorted into one of the four infamous houses, but it’s currently unknown how the hat will decide where you end up. The game will include RPG and puzzle mechanics while placing a heavy emphasis on exploration and each class will likely offer various mini-games.

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