Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time’s Director Talks Game Length and Difficulty

The Highest Difficulty Mode Should Give Hardcore Players A Good Challenge

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is coming out soon, on August 21st for all consoles. So yesterday the director Hiroaki Matsui spoke about some of the details about the game, including the game’s length and difficulty modes.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Matsui states that it should take players around ten hours, but that’s only on the easiest difficulty, which is known as Samurai. But he also seems to hint at the fact that you won’t be able to unlock every cool trick for jack playing on lower difficulties, so he expects people to replay the game through higher difficulties to live the full experience. The hard mode is called Master Samurai and the most difficult mode is called Master of Masters.

Matsui revealed more insight about the gameplay and his design philosophy by saying “The game has a flow for the player to acquire many skills while proceeding with the play. Jack’s mobility, physical ability, and battle technique will be expanded as the players continues through the game. Naturally, the degree of freedom as a warrior will increase, but in higher-difficulty modes, more challenging enemies are waiting for the player, so I’m sure even hardcore players can enjoy the game up to a fairly challenging level.”

The game is looking pretty stylish and the replayability through new unlocks and difficulty is always welcome!