Xbox Series X Game Showcase Coming Soon

Xbox Has Announced Their Next Series X Showcase

Xbox has officially announced that their next Xbox Series X games showcase will be happening later this month and it will include first party titles such as Halo Infinite. The showcase will take place on July 23rd and it will begin at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The last Xbox Series X games showcase focused on third party games in May, but the upcoming showcase will focus on Xbox Game Studios titles that fans of Microsoft can expect to see on the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X is expected to release later this year, bringing with it Game Pass and Project xCloud which will both evolve with the next-gen console.

Xbox Series X quick resume

The official Xbox Twitter account recently broke the news about the Series X games showcase coming later this month as part of Summer Game Fest. Xbox has also confirmed that Geoff Keighley will be on board with the upcoming announcements just as he has been on other digital showcases during Summer Game Fest. Gamers will be able to watch the showcase on, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube but the announcement suggested that YouTube is the best place to watch the event.

Since the folding of Mixer, Xbox is partnering with YouTube Gaming to offer a pre-show hosted by Geoff Keighley an hour before the Series X games showcase exclusively on YouTube. With Xbox holding an event in May, PlayStation holding an event in June and other Xbox event coming soon, Summer Game Fest is really ensuring fans of both platforms have lots of news to look forward to. When E3 2020 was cancelled, gamers expected more digital events and it’s hard to be disappointed with all of the gaming news coming out regardless of the big annual gaming press conference being cancelled.

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Source: Screen Rant