PlayStation Offers Bounties for PS4 & PSN Vulnerabilities

PlayStation Is Offering Big Money to Gamers Who Can Find Vulnerabilities

PlayStation has officially begun a HackerOne Bug Bounty program which will reward gamers who can find vulnerabilities in the PS4 and PlayStation Network. There are several tiers of rewards that gamers will receive, depending on the severity of the vulnerabilities that they find. Gamers can make up to $50,000 by finding these vulnerabilities, giving PlayStation fans plenty of reasons to locate whatever bugs they can. Gamers who discover vulnerabilities are encouraged to share them with PlayStation rather than publicly if they would like to participate in the bug bounty. To find vulnerabilities in the PlayStation Network, fans may need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to bypass any online access issues.

Gamers who find low severity bugs on the PlayStation Network will receive $100 from Sony, while medium tier bugs reward $400, high tier bugs will net gamers $1,000 and critical tiered bugs will reward $3,000. Bugs that gamers locate on the PlayStation 4 will offer bigger rewards, with low tiered bugs offering $500, medium tiered bugs rewarding $2,500, high tier bugs offering $10,000 and the critical PS4 bugs rewarding a whopping $50,000. No matter what kind of bugs you discover, it’s recommended that you report them with PlayStation when you come across them if you choose to participate in this bounty program.

Ultimately the rewards offered through the HackerOne Bug Bounty program come down to PlayStation’s discretion, so simply finding bugs may not be enough to be rewarded. With PlayStation focusing on the PS4 and PSN with this bounty program, it seems assured that they’re uninterested in bugs that people find in their older technology such as the PS3 and PS Vita. All of the company’s older systems are listed as “out of scope” on the PlayStation HackerOne page and they aren’t eligible for bug bounties.

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Source: Comic Book Gaming