An Analyst Predicts $400 Price Tag for Xbox Series X

That’d be a Power Move

With the launch of next-gen consoles coming out later this year, it’s a good ol’ race between Microsoft and Sony on trying to win over customers to buy their console. Xbox Series X or PS5? So far, what we’ve seen in the technological department seems neck and neck, with some incredible improvements on both consoles. With such a stalemate, what would take to win over the customers still wondering in the middle? Well, how about one of them being potential $100-$200 cheaper? Now we’re talking.

Halo Infinite

On Geoff Keighley’s Periscope, he had invited on Michael Pachter, a veteran video game industry analyst. Pachter predicted that Microsoft could price the Xbox Seris X as low as $400 dollars. Of course, this would be a ground shattering decision from Microsoft, as most are anticipating the new-gen consoles to price around $500 to $600. Pachter does say that selling them so low would impact Microsoft’s finances negatively in the short them, but he predicts that it is a hit that Microsoft would be willing to taking to win over long-time customers onto their console.

As someone who is sitting in the middle in terms of the new console debate, having the Series X be $400 would heavily tilt me towards that side. Of course, this is just one analyst’s prediction, so the chances of it being true are dubious. Still, it’s interesting to think about.

Source: Nerd Stash