Monster Hunter Movie Delayed Until 2021

The Monster Hunter Movie Has Been Delayed

The Monster Hunter movie starring Milla Jovovich and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson was initially intended to release this September but it has officially been delayed until April 23rd 2021. The production delay is apparently due to COVID-19 and moviegoers can expect to see the entire August release schedule slide into the fall and beyond. Disney has already indefinitely delayed Mulan and Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has no release date anymore either. Monster Hunter World is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and it’s part of the extensive Game Pass lineup as well.

The Monster Hunter movie has a budget of $60 million and it’s being filmed in South Africa in an attempt to encapsulate the wilderness of Monster Hunter. The story is about a group of soldiers from Earth who are transported to the world of Monster Hunter. Just as the heroes of Monster Hunter have to kill giant beasts to survive and craft armor and weapons, the heroes of the Monster Hunter movie will apparently have to hunt the wildlife and survive the elements before they can return home.

Outfits and oversized weapons that are familiar to Monster Hunter fans will be prominent features in the Monster Hunter movie. The story of soldiers in the real world being sucked into a game is similar to Monster Rancher or Sword Art Online, but because it has such an anime feel, it will likely appeal to the Monster Hunter fans that are used to stranger things. Monster Hunter World recently broke series records for Capcom so it’s likely that future sequels will continue to release into next-gen.

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