Capcom Celebrates 15 Years of Monster Hunter

Capcom’s Most Successful Series Turns 15

The Monster Hunter series’ 15th anniversary is this year and developer Capcom has released a video celebrating its history.

The series has had arguably it’s biggest year ever starting last January with the release of Monster Hunter World and the universal success that followed it, becoming the best selling game of the year in Japan,┬ábecoming the best selling game in Capcom history, and moving 12 million copies as of last month. The game also recently had a crossover with the perpetually-recommended Witcher 3, and a movie is currently in the works from the folks behind the Resident Evil series, as well as a separate animated film. Last year also saw the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

monster hunter: world capcom

You can check out our reviews for Monster Hunter World (initial release here, PC release here), and the reveal trailer for this year’s incoming Iceborne expansion set to drop this fall. Let us know what the series means to you in the comments!