Fallout 76’s First Major DLC Sees Bizarre One-Day Delay

Our First Bug-Free Update?

Last month, Bethesda finally revealed their broad roadmap for Fallout 76. It came with an extensive list of details surrounding their free DLC, one of which was scheduled to arrive today. As is customary in game design, however, development has hit a snag.

fallout 76 whiskey stills

Fallout 76’s new update, Wild Appalachia, will arrive tomorrow. The exact reason for the delay hasn’t been disclosed; “We just need a little more time to brew,” the developer posted on Reddit. Hopefully, the delay is a sign that Bethesda caught bugs before the update could go live. It’s worth mentioning that online content is always an unpredictable beast once out in the wild. Wild Appalachia may be no exception.

Wild Appalachia will bring a host of new features to Fallout 76. The prospecting brewer will have access to their own distillery in the C.A.M.P. system, following the update. In other words, you can make your own whiskey and set up shop as a moonshiner and visit speakeasies—basically everything fun about the 1920s. In addition, a new questline will introduce new monsters in a new region. Plus, PvP will receive a new focus thanks to the Survival game mode. All this and more await in tomorrow’s update, provided there are no major hiccups.

These days, a delay must be multiplied by three if a game is to be bug-free. Live services seldom work as intended, but Fallout 76 has the opportunity to refine the experience by the end of the year. Between now and then, we can expect a variety of content updates and patches. Check back for more news as it comes.