The Messenger Coming to PS4 Next Week

TGA’s “Best Debut Indie Game” Comes to the PS4

Sabotage Studios’ award winning retro-platformer The Messenger will be coming to the PS4 in exactly a week, so get sharpening those shurikens.

Sony and Sabotage announced the news today over on PlayStation’s official blog, confirming that the game will hit PS4 on March 19th, which, if you pull up your calendar, is exactly a week from today. It’s still a week from today even if you don’t pull up your calendar. You can check out the game’s synopsis according to PlayStation here:

In The Messenger, players take the role of a young ninja tasked with carrying a magic scroll across a cursed world in order to save his clan besieged by a demon army. While, on the surface The Messenger might look like a simple homage to the classic platformers, you’ll quickly discover that the game plays with your expectations to surprise you with its modern game design approach, clever writing and super tight controls. The cast of memorable characters as well as its fourth wall and the inclusion of a few mechanics from other game genres also contribute in making The Messenger a truly unique gaming experience.


The Messenger is already available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out our review of The Messenger (written or video, you choose), as well as what to expect from the game’s free DLC set to drop this summer.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog