Young Horses Trying Something New With Bugsnax

Bugsnax Is a Passion Project for Developers Switching up Their Style

According to co-founder and President of Young Horses Phillip Tibitoski, the team wanted to try new things and do something unique as they did when they released Octodad. During a recent interview, Tibitoski claimed that they may return to Octodad later but Bugsnax is Young Horses way of changing up their style and do something unique. Bugsnax was recently unveiled during the Future of Gaming PS5 games showcase and it has over 100 different Bugsnax (Pokemon-like creatures) to discover. Bugsnax is releasing for the PS4 and the PS5 during the Holiday season, but there’s no confirmed release date yet.


“It was an interesting process for us, because when we started internally pitching ideas to one another on what we would do next, the general idea was that we would try to do something entirely unique again,” said Phillip Tibitoski. “That’s what we promised ourselves with Octodad. Like, ‘hey, if this does well, we’re not going to immediately go back to the Octodad well.’ Even though we love it, we’re going to try to do something entirely new.”


“We’ve never been very good at sticking to a perfect set of constraints,” continued Tibitoski.”Octodad, for instance, that game technically takes place in the 80s, but has a sort of 50s aesthetic and then we break that rule multiple times. Similarly, in Bugsnax, some of the foods are definitely snack foods and some of them are ‘oh here’s a cheeseburger with curly fry legs.”

When discussing the new DualSense controller, the next-gen PlayStation controller, Phillip Tibitoski said, “Running around in the environment and feeling the different types of terrain under your feet while sprinting is really cool and weird. Past vibration in games has felt good, it’s a nice addition, but it’s never been essential, I guess. Now, it feels like it makes a big difference in the game, whether it’s running through a stream of water or, when trying to catch a Bugsnak, it being in your trap and finding ‘oh, is it trying to escape?’ You can feel how intense it is and how close it is to escaping.”

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Source: US Gamer