Horizon: Forbidden West Coming to the PS5

Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets a Next-Gen Sequel

Guerrilla Games joined several other developers during the recent PS5 games showcase with their next-gen Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel known as Horizon: Forbidden West. While the game wasn’t announced as Horizon 2, it’s clearly a chronological sequel to the original Zero Dawn and fans of the PS4 exclusive will understand why Zero Dawn isn’t part of the title anymore. Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently available exclusively for the PS4 so new fans to check out before the sequel releases which currently has no confirmed release date.

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy explores North America in Forbidden West and various new robots and creatures were showed off, as well as underwater exploration which wasn’t a big feature in the original title. The announcement trailer shows off lush visuals that are contrasted by the various robotic life just like in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Aloy dives deep into the ocean in the trailer thanks to some sort of scuba breather, suggesting that going underwater will be a significant part of Horizon: Forbidden West and the environments ranged from lush jungles and rocky deserts to abandoned towns with futuristic holograms.

Rumors have been circulating for a long time about what the next Horizon title could be since it was confirmed that Guerrilla was working on a sequel to the hit PS4 exclusive and new IP. Aloy explains during a voice over on the trailer that she’ll do anything to protect the planet she’s exploring and if the original title is anything to go by, we believe her. There’s a giant new turtle robot that really showed off the scope of Forbidden West and the trailer even included some sort of spectral dragon and a plague that may be threatening the futuristic North America.

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Source: Gamespot