Destruction AllStars Brings Vehicular Combat to PS5

Destruction AllStars Is Like Rocket League Battle Royale

Lucid Games joined several other developers on the recent PS5 games showcase to reveal their next-gen title, Destruction AllStars. The vehicular mayhem game is reminiscent of the PlayStation exclusive from the past, Twisted Metal. Drivers will crash into other vehicles until their ride is destroyed, which is when they can get out of the car and continue the battle on foot. The colourful characters and rides look less Gothic than Twisted Metal and are more akin to Fortnite. Destruction AllStars has no official release date but it’s expected to come out exclusively for the PS5 in the early days of the next-gen console.

Destruction allstars

Gamers can take a diverse range of vehicles and characters to the pitch to battle others in an attempt to be the lone survivor of Destruction AllStars. The vehicles look to offer customization options but it’s possible that the various characters will as well judging from the different looks featured in the trailer. Lucid Games take things to the next level with the ability to continue the fight on foot after a vehicle is destroyed, with the trailer showing characters on foot just as capable of destroying other vehicles.

The battlefield of Destruction AllStars is just as dangerous as the opposing vehicles, with some traps that will destroy your ride such as a spinning fan, spikes, flames and more environmental dangers. Lucid Games’ next-gen title doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it has been confirmed to be an exclusive title that will entice fans of online multiplayer to get the PS5. The vehicles have various abilities, with the trailer showing off a bumper shield and a giant blade that protrudes from the hood of a vehicle.

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Source: Dualshockers