Twitch Now Has News and Exclusives Channels

Twitch Focusing on Gaming News and Exclusives

Twitch has officially added a news channel and a channel for Twitch exclusives like the recent record-breaking Riot Games FPS Valorant. The news channel will focus on gaming news and provide fans with the latest in all things gaming in an attempt to keep Twitch fans aware of the ins and outs that expert streamers have stayed updated on for years. To celebrate the new channel for exclusives, Twitch will be running a Twitch-exclusive game jam from June 26th until the 28th. Valorant is one of the big exclusives on Twitch Gaming and it’s currently only available for PC, with a possible next-gen console release on the horizon.


The freshly added Twitch News channel will showcase everything from new game reveals to Twitch drops and it will keep gamers updated on important information about Twitch Gaming. This channel will be led by big name streamers and Twitch is already promising big news for the near future, such as more on competitive Valorant events and more. Indie titles will receive regular indie showcases on the Twitch Gaming news channel, which will include developer AMAs and news regarding the best upcoming indies.

Twitch unveiled a new feature that will allow streamers to co-stream the channel, which means that their communities will be able to experience everything as it unfolds together as it happens live. This will be a feature that ties communities together and may strengthen the platform overall. Considering how synonymous Twitch is with gaming, it’s odd that it’s taken so long for the platform to focus on news like this. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of exclusives Twitch will be able to secure moving forward beyond Riot Games’ Valorant.

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Source: The Verge