Valorant Beta Keys Coming to More Twitch Streams

Riot Games Is Giving More Valorant Keys to Twitch Streams

According to Riot Games, more closed beta keys will be coming to Twitch viewers, with more streams having drops enabled. Previously only specific Valorant streamers would be able to drop closed beta keys but now anyone streaming Valorant will have drops enabled, allowing most viewers of the Riot Games FPS potential access to the beta. Valorant will officially release later this year for PC, but the closed beta is receiving better server loads to handle the increase in players flooding them before an official open beta.

Valorant Riot Games

“Starting now, all Valorant Twitch streams can drop closed beta access (as long as they are playing Valorant),” said Riot Games. “While we’re still running closed beta drops 24/7, please note that this change doesn’t increase the number of drops, just that you can watch any Valorant stream to be eligible.” Riot Games fans will have to link their Riot Games account with their Twitch account to gain access to the potential drops if they want to try the closed beta. The Riot Games FPS has broken Twitch viewership records recently so those are millions of potential gamers that will be able to get their hands on a beta key.

“Drops happen at all times (even when you’re offline!), but only for players in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. This is based off of your Riot account’s home-based region,” said Riot Games. “We know it hurts to be unlucky, so we went through a few thousand of the most engaged Valorant stream viewers and manually gave access as a thank you.” The beta will be coming soon to parts of Latin America, Brazil and Korea, with more regions having to wait a little longer for the Riot Games FPS.

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Source: Dualshockers