Sea of Thieves Has Experienced a Huge Surge in Active Players Since Moving to Steam

The Comeback Story of the Decade 

Sea of Thieves first made its debut on Steam at the beginning of the month on June 3rd. Since then there has been a shocking amount of growth in terms of player count. While a certain “surge” of new players was expected by the developers, very few people ever thought it would be as popular as it is. Whenever a game with a reasonable amount of recognition makes the move to Steam, the player base predictably goes up due to the sheer amount of users that Steam has. However, Sea of Thieves’ popularity on Steam is just one part of this game’s very impressive comeback that has taken place this year.

2020 has not been kind to most, but this cannot be said about the developers of Sea of Thieves. The MMO pirate sim has seen a lot of ups and downs since it first launched in 2018. While it received a ton of support when it originally released, things quickly took a turn for the worst as fans found themselves playing in a game that was largely empty and boring. Droves of people who had only months ago enthusiastically embraced the title with open arms were leaving in droves in search of more worthwhile activities to sink their free time into. Thankfully, the good people at Rare were able to turn the ship around.

Thanks to a series of free updates and DLC players were exposed to an impressive amount of activities and quests that they could compete with their friends. Many bugs and technical issues were done away with and the experience as a whole has improved tenfold only within the time span of a few months. Since Sea of Thieves has launched on Steam, the amount of active players has grown by just under 20,000 people. Something that is an enormous accomplishment when considering what a niche title Sea of Thieves is in the first place. The future is looking very bright for Rare and their pirate-themed MMO.

Sea of Thieves is available only available on the Xbox One and PC.