Guinness World Records Claims Speedrun Videos

Speedrunning YouTube Videos Being Claimed by Guinness

The Guinness World Records has recently copyright claimed multiple speedrunning videos on YouTube when they meant to promote a new Super Mario Bros. warpless record. The new record was set by a gamer nicknamed Kosmic and the time on his run topped the previous record, at 18:59.856. When Guinness tried to feature Kosmic’s video of the run up on their own YouTube channel, they set off a wave of copyright claims that they assure fans was inadvertent. Super Mario Bros. is available across several Nintendo consoles, including on the Nintendo Switch with the Switch Online subscription unlocking access to classic NES and SNES titles.

Mario speedrun guinness

After several speedrunners were impacted by Guinness’ copyright claims, they brought the accident to their attention and Guinness World Records was quick to retract their claims. YouTube has been quite finicky over the years as it pertains to claiming videos and Guinness World Records are just the latest people to claim several videos inadvertently when trying to promote a new record. Speedrunners are always recording their footage with time stamps in case their latest run happens to be their most successful and it’s a shame that the copyright claim system on YouTube is so confusing to navigate.

When it comes to Super Mario Bros. speedruns, there are only 4 tenths of a second between the world record and second place in the Warpless category. Warpless runs involve not taking any of the shortcuts available in several levels that allow gamers to skip through entire worlds.After apologizing to Kosmic specifically, Guinness World Records took to their official Twitter account to say, “apologies to our record holders & anyone else affected. This appears to have been an error with automatic claims from our channel’s Content ID system. Should now be fixed, claims released. Sorry for causing concern, we know how distressing it can be to get these notifications.”

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Source: Game Rant