Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game Coming This Year

Melody of Memory Coming To All The Platforms

One of the best parts of Kingdom Hearts is the music. Between that and the impossible alchemy that forces anime tropes and Disney schmaltz into the same squirming package, the whole franchise is oozing with charm. Looking to capitalize on this grim sorcery, Square Enix is releasing Melody of Memory for all the consoles later this year.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

The gameplay is itself another fusion, blending basic action with complex rhythms to keep you proper hooked for the whole runtime. Just watching the trailer (embedded below!) had me itching to try it myself. The whole gang is here, smashing Heartless goons in time with the music. It is a little weird to hear Sora’s fighting noise laid over the songs, though. Perhaps this will be a good way to get my Kingdom Hearts fix without another 60-hour dive into one or more of the games.

This announcement comes in tandem with another trailer, one laying out the groundwork for the rest of 2020’s Kingdom Hearts news. This includes a proper soundtrack release for Kingdom Hearts 3, an update on Dark Road, and a little bit of merchandise on the way. There’s no specific release date yet, but Melody of Memory is coming to the PS4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.