Dark Souls 3 Speedrunner Breaks All 8 World Records

Nemz38 Breaks All 8 Dark Souls 3 Speedrun Records

Like all of the games in the series, Dark Souls 3 is no walk in the park. While that’s what draws fans to the series in the first place, some special people decide that the pain it provides is not enough. Some people, like Nemz38, take on the impossible and probably lose their soul in the process.

Not only does his speedrun mark the quickest playthrough ever at a risk 35:09, he breaks all of records that have been set within the Souls speedrunning community. Just take a look below:

  • Any% – 35:09
  • Any% No Teardrop – 42:09
  • Any% Current Patch – 1:21:12
  • Boss Rush – 24:28
  • All Bosses – 1:36:46
  • All Bosses No Major Skips – 1:25:37
  • All Bosses SL1 – 1:36:46
  • 100% Completion – 12:37:54

What makes his run so impressive is that he beats all of the game’s bosses, including those in the DLC, without leveling up at all.

Speedrunning is difficult regardless but with a game like Dark Souls 3 that’s known to be punishing, it’s borderline insane. Since you need to skip leveling up to cut down on time, it relies heavily on an intimate knowledge of the game. This means using various tricks, glitches, and methods to get through the game as fast as possible.

One of the most useful is the teardrop glitch, which occurs when players cast tears of denial in order to survive an intentional death and exploit gaps in the game’s world geometry.

It takes a lot of determination and perseverance and is something I would never consider doing, ever. But that makes watching these kinds of videos even more enjoyable.

Take a look:

On top of these records, he’s also unlocked all of the game’s achievements in under 13 hours, which is impressive in its own right. I’m sure many Souls players are contemplating the hours of time that they have put in the series right about now.

Dark Souls 3 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.