Elden Ring’s Lost Beginning: A Discovery by Sekiro Dubi

Dataminer Uncovers Alternate Elden Ring Opening, Hinting at FromSoftware’s Original Vision

As the highly anticipated Elden Ring expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, looms on the horizon, the community has been stirred by a surprising revelation uncovered by a diligent dataminer. Sekiro Dubi, a YouTuber renowned for their discoveries within FromSoftware titles, recently unveiled a hidden secret buried deep within the base game’s code—a completely different opening sequence that had long been obscured from the public eye.

In a captivating video, Sekiro Dubi showcased their findings: an alternative introduction to Elden Ring, featuring an intriguing cutscene starring characters Melina and Torrent, previously unknown to players.

Traditionally, players embark on their journey within the foreboding confines of the Chapel of Anticipation, a treacherous locale designed to challenge even the hardiest of adventurers. However, Sekiro Dubi’s revelation sheds light on FromSoftware’s original vision, which diverged significantly from the familiar starting point.

Instead of awakening amidst the perilous landscape of The Stranded Graveyard, players were initially slated to find themselves washed ashore on a beach in West Limgrave. This deviation implies a narrative twist where encounters with the formidable Grafted Scion or fatal falls from the Chapel of Anticipation led protagonists to their watery fate, only to be rescued by the tide and greeted by Melina and Torrent upon the sandy shores.

Remarkably, this alternate beginning was corroborated by an early Elden Ring map from the pre-launch Network Test, further cementing its authenticity. Sekiro Dubi meticulously reconstructed the cutscene, complete with voice lines, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what could have been.

Upon the conclusion of this unexpected encounter, players would commence their odyssey, guided towards a cavernous passage that ultimately descended into The Stranded Graveyard. This subtle deviation injected an additional layer of gameplay between the initial demise and the tutorial-esque Cave of Knowledge, potentially ensuring players engaged with essential mechanics before venturing further into the vast expanse of Elden Ring’s open world.

The ongoing discovery of such hidden gems underscores the enduring allure of FromSoftware’s masterpiece, which captivated audiences upon its 2022 release. With Shadow of the Erdtree on the horizon, promising a wealth of new mysteries to unravel, the fervor surrounding Elden Ring shows no signs of abating. As the community eagerly anticipates the expansion’s June 21st launch, it’s clear that the enigmatic realm of Elden Ring still holds many secrets yet to be uncovered.