Xbox Game Studios Using Unreal Engine 5

Phil Spencer Praises the Unreal Engine 5

With the recent unveil of next-gen’s Unreal Engine 5, many developers are praising Epic for the tremendous upgrade in tech. Phil Spencer took to his official Twitter account to praise the team that worked on Unreal Engine 5 and he said that many of the Xbox Game Studios teams are utilizing the power of it for Xbox Series X titles. Ninja Theory is one of the many development teams utilizing the power of next-gen’s Unreal Engine to build Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga. The next generation of consoles releases this holiday season, with the Xbox One library being backwards compatible on the Xbox Series X and Microsoft offering Smart Delivery for multi-generational titles.

Hellblade II

“Incredible work by the team at Epic @UnrealEngine, many of our XGS studios are using Unreal, said Phil Spencer. “Like the team at Ninja Theory creating Hellblade II, and are excited to bring these UE5 innovations to life on Xbox Series X.” When the Unreal Engine 5 footage released, many people were acting like only the PS5 would be utilizing the engine but Phil Spencer has clarified that both next-gen consoles will be building their games using the new Unreal Engine.

After Phil Spencer’s announcement, there can be no confusion that Epic Games is working with both Xbox and PlayStation in developing their next-gen titles. The tech demo showed off recently was playable using the PS5 but it’s likely that the Xbox Series X has their own playable version of the same Tomb Raider inspired demo. It’ll be interesting to see which studios use the power of Unreal Engine 5 and which ones use their own engines for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 games.

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Source: Gaming Bolt