The Walking Dead Season 5 Rumored to Be Revealed at PC Gaming Show

A Fatal Frontier

Tis the season for dirty rumors about video games. Well, rumors are never out of season, but when the Summer approaches we are expecting a lot of announcements. This rumor is a little out there, so take it with a grain of salt. Apparently, someone on Reddit is claiming that The Walking Dead Season 5 will be announced at the PC Gaming Show. They are even detailing some of the story and gameplay elements, but its a Reddit rumor, so it should be false until proven true. However, this rumor is bundled with details of other games that have already been corroborated.

The Walking Dead Season 5

Though Telltale’s The Walking Dead has already received its Final Season, this rumor claims that there will be another one. The Final Season wrapped up Clementine’s story, but Season 3 aka A New Frontier introduced a different protagonist, Javier. Apparently, Season 5 will continue Javier’s story under the title A Fatal Frontier and won’t actually be called Season 5 at all. This rumor also claims that there will be some serious recons, particularly with Kenny. They say that Javier will lose pretty much everyone from A New Frontier and meet up with Kenny to go find Clementine.

This is where the rumor gets interesting. When Telltale went belly-up, Skybound acquired the IP. This game will allegedly move away from the Telltale formula and make it more about survival-horror rather than a decision-based game. Again, all of this is a rumor, but if it makes an appearance at the PC Gaming Show on June 6th, then it will have some more weight to it. The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier is rumored to be in development for PC (exclusively on Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit