The Anthem Overhaul Will Take a While

According to BioWare, Reinventing Anthem Will Take a While

Earlier this year, BioWare began work on remaking Anthem and the incubation team has kicked off experimenting and prototyping new ideas. Apparently the incubation will take a while and BioWare doesn’t want fans to get their hopes up for a complete overhaul anytime soon. The small team of about thirty developers is looking at what went wrong and what the player base really enjoyed with Anthem, trying new things to fix the many issues. Anthem is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC but the complete overhaul will take a while.

Anthem update 1.3.0

“The Anthem incubation team has kicked off and we are starting to validate our design hypotheses. Incubation is a term we use internally,” said a recent statement from BioWare. “It means we are going back and experimenting/prototyping to improve on the areas where we believe we fell short and to leverage everything that you love currently about Anthem… this is going to be a longer process, and yes, the team is small but the whole point of this is to take our time and go back to the drawing board.” With Anthem being rebuilt from the ground up, we’re wondering if they’d be better off just releasing Anthem 2 on next-gen consoles after they release this holiday season.

“A small team gives us the agility a larger one can’t afford. We want to include you as we go and be open and honest with where we are at and what the expectations are with where we are going,” continued the BioWare statement. “The reality is you will see things that look awesome but end up on the cutting room floor or things that you might think suck that you feel we are spending too much time on, but in the spirit of experimentation this is all OK. We really want to provide you all the transparency we can because of your passion and interest in Anthem.”

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Source: wccftech