Skill Based Matchmaking Splits Apex Community

Skill Based Matchmaking Keeps the Best Apex Legends Together

Many Apex Legends fans are protesting skill based matchmaking due to the limitations of the system. The ones who are against SBMM claim that Smurfing and ping-lag are serious problems that should be addressed, while fans of the feature claim these will be an issue either way. While experienced players may be struggling to clutch a win since SBMM was implemented, newer players may be getting their first wins since the feature. While the Apex Legends community may be a bit divided on SBMM, they’re also divided on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC without crossplay enabled between the three.

Apex Legends Respawn

The Apex Legends community is divided on ways to fix skill based matchmaking but many have taken to Reddit to discus their views on the matter. Some players think that SBMM should be limited to ranked play, others have their own ideas based on skill and time played, but Respawn Entertainment hasn’t given their feedback on the issue. Most of the comments suggest that Respawn is catering to the new Apex players by trying to encourage them to continue playing by matching them with other new players. While we aren’t sure which side of the issue is correct, Respawn might need to balance the SBMM if they’re going to continue implementing it.

In some cases, players are protesting against skill based matchmaking by not reviving randoms they are teamed up with in games and some others have quit with the new season of Apex arriving. The latest Legend to join Apex is Loba and joining her with season 5 are several changes to the Kings Canyon map and the addition of quests. While the current SBMM protests mostly impact other players, it’s likely that Respawn Entertainment has noticed the polarization of the Apex community.

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Source: Game Rant