Season 5 of Apex Legends Launches Today

Go Out There and Secure the Win

The fifth season for Apex Legends is now live. EA’s attempt at creating a battle royale game of their own has had its ups and downs but over the past little while, it has really seemed as though it has hit its stride. When the title first launched it struggled to gain a loyal following. However, thanks to a series of consistent and generous content updates, there are now a healthy amount of fans who cannot wait to fight to the death in Apex.

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Season 5 is going to introduce a ton of new things but the most notable is going to Loba. Loba is a new hero that is going to appeal to players who like to play fast and sneaky. Her teleport ability will give players the chance to try and gain an advantage on an enemy player or team. This could be used during combat to get a new angle on an opponent or to set up a perfect ambush. Either way, Loba is going to have a huge impact on combat.

The other change that is accompanying Season 5 is the tweaks to the infamous Peacekeeper shotgun. This weapon used to be the most iconic and relatively common weapon in the game. Its ability to deal damage at close to medium range was hard to match. However, EA has decided to make the Peacekeeper much rarer in Season 5. Players will now only be able to pick up this weapon from loot boxes or dead players who were carrying it. This change will certainly flip the meta of Apex Legends on its head.

The weapon that will be taking the Peacekeepers place it the Mastiff. This is somewhat ironic as the Mastiff used to be a care package only weapon. How the tables have turned.