Scorn Will Give Xbox Series X Fans Nightmares

Scorn Showed Off During the Recent Inside Xbox Series X Showcase

Developers Ebb Software joined many other developers on the recent Inside Xbox Series X games showcase to show off their next-gen title, Scorn. The trailer for Scorn gives off heavy H.R. Giger and Alien vibes and it will likely give gamers around the world nightmares when it releases. The dark and dingy environment showed off in the Scorn trailer include mysteriously slimy phallic symbols in a strangely familiar alien environment. Scorn has officially been announced for the Xbox Series X and PC but it may make its way to the PlayStation 5 like many other titles showed off during the recent Inside Xbox event.


Scorn has been in development for several years now but it appears to be making headway if the recent trailer is any indication of progress. The game is a first-person horror title with puzzle solving elements that is apparently “designed around the idea of being thrown into the world.” Exploration will be a heavy focus in this “dream-like world in a non-linear fashion,” making it seem like an open world or metroidvania title. In Scorn, “every location has its own story, puzzles, and characters; even the unsettling environment is a character itself,” according to Ebb Software.

The Inside Xbox trailer didn’t include any gameplay but its the best glimpse we’ve had into Ebb Software’s Scorn so far and it sent chills down our spines. The cinematic visuals weren’t accompanied by an official release date or window but with the Xbox Series X releasing in the Holiday 2020 window, we shouldn’t be waiting too much longer to being too scared to sleep. We’re interested to see more from Ebb Software in terms of what kind of gameplay Scorn gamers can expect.

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Source: Dualshockers