Indie Arena Booth 2017 at Gamescom Will Feature 70 Games from Around the World

It’s Indie Games Galore for Gamescom 2017

Indie Arena Booth will be packing 70 indie titles into the Germany gaming convention. As the indie section of the event continues to grow in its 5th year, it’ll be taking up to 1000 square meters of the show floor. Begining at Gamescom in 2012, the event took reins of the indie element for the event in 2015 when its bigger predecessor, Indie Megabooth, could not make it to the show.

Indie Arena Booth

Here’s the full list of indie titles availble at the event:

A Hat in Time by Gears for Breakfast
A Room Beyond by René Bühling
Unannounced project by Accidental Queens
Aegis Defenders by GUTS Department
AER – Memories of Old by Forgotten Key
All I Have is Time by THREAKS
Ary and the Secret of Seasons by eXiin
Away: Journey to the Unexpected by Aurélien Regard
Battle Bolts by Shot Second
Behind Stars and Under Hills by Rat King
Black The Fall by Sand Sailor Studio
Blind by Tiny Bull
Chaos auf Deponia by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
Code 7 – Episode 1: Threading by Goodwolf Studio
Dead Cells by Motion Twin
Dead In Vinland by CCCP
Deru – The Art of Cooperation by Ink Kit GmbH
Dimension Drive by 2Awesome Studio
Distance by Refract
Downward Spiral: Prologue by 3rd Eye Studios Oy Ltd
FAR: Lone Sails by Okomotive / Mixtvision
Felix The Reaper by Kong Orange
FOX n FORESTS by Bonus Level Entertainment
Frostpunk by 11 bit studios
Fugl by Team Fugl
GRIDD: Retroenhanced by Antab Studio
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander by Massive Damage, Inc.
Heavy Metal Machines by Hoplon Infotainment
I Hate Running Backwards by Binx Interactive
Jengo by Robot Wizard
Keyboard Sports – The final tribute by Triband
Legrand Legacy by SEMISOFT
Light Fall by Bishop Games
LIGHTFIELD by Lost in the Garden
Lonely Mountains: Downhill by Megagon Industries
Megaton Rainfall by Pentadimensional Games
Moonlighter by Digital Sun
Moons of Madness by Rock Pocket Games
MOTHERGUNSHIP by Grip Digital s.r.o.
Necrosphere by Cat Nigiri
Nine Parchments by Frozenbyte
No Heroes Here by Mad Mimic Interactive
No Truce With The Furies by ZA/UM Studio
Nova Nukers! by Lemonbomb Entertainment GmbH
Oh My Godheads by Titutitech, SL
Orwell by Osmotic Studios
Pankapu: The Lost Aegis by Too Kind Studio
Planetoid Pioneers by Data Realms
Pressure Overdrive by Chasing Carrots
Reverse: Time Collapse by Meangrip
RITE of ILK by Turtleneck Studios
Russian Subway Dogs by Spooky Squid Games Inc.
Semblance by Nyamakop
Shift Quantum by Fishing Cactus
SKARA The Blade Remains by SKARA The Blade Remains Ltd
Slime-san by Fabraz
Solo by Team Gotham
Starlit Archery Club by Rockhead Games
Staxel by Plukit
Stifled by Gattai Games
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars by Paladin Studios
Strikers Edge by Fun Punch Games
sU and the Quest for meaning by Guillaume Bouckaert
Super Fancy Pants Adventure by Borne Games
The Inner World – The Last Windmonk by Studio Fizbin
The InnerFriend by PLAYMIND
Think of the Children by Jammed Up Studios
Tiny Tanks by LeadFollow Games
UnderRaid by Dynamic Deadlines GmbH & Co. KG
Unforeseen Incidents by Backwoods Entertainment

If you’re visiting Gamescom from August 23 to 26, do stop by hall 10.1 to play some of these titles.

Source: IndieGames