The Directorate Coming to Gamescom Cologne

The Spy Who Killed a Saint

Welcome to a much different 60’s than you’ve read about. It’s time to put on your best, most stealthy, suit and get to work, agent. Madowl Games is happy to announce that their upcoming stealth game, The Directorate: The Spy Who Killed a Saint, is coming to Gamescom. Taking inspiration from classics like Metal Gear Solid, this top-down thriller is aiming to deliver a genuine spy experience. Of course, fans will be able to check out the studio’s public booth and learn more about the game. Additionally, a press release is revealing more shadowy secrets about the game. A trailer also allows players to delve into the secretive world of The Directorate. 

The Directorate

The Directorate places players in the role of a spy working to stop global destruction. Of course, players will be working to stop the ambitions of a malevolent overlord. However, players will have only a set number of in-game hours to complete their objective. With the world hanging in the balance, players will engage in top-down action as they work to outwit the minions of the overlord. Players will need to use stealth, smarts, and gadgets to fight countless grunts, guards, and bosses. 

Of course, players can get a look at The Directorate in the cinematic trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

The Directorate has no official release date yet. However, players can currently wish list the game on Steam. Importantly, gamers who want to learn more about the game can check out the public booth in Indie Area Hall 10.2 at Gamescom Cologne.