Blue Wednesday Playing a Musical Adventure in August

Face The Music 

A musical story awaits, just around the corner. Prepare for a journey full of jazz and narrative. Indie game developer and publisher Buff Studio is excited to announce the release date for their upcoming narrative adventure game, Blue Wednesday. Releasing on August 28th on Steam, the game combines mini-games and a heartfelt narrative to tell the story of a jazz musician. A press release sings out the details for players. Additionally, an official trailer from last year gives players a great look at the game. 

Blue Wednesday

Blue Wednesday follows the life of Mr. Morris. Morris is a jazz musician living in Evans City with a mission to master the piano. Living in the city means there are a lot of characters for Mr. Morris to interact with, and it is within these interactions players will discover what the game is about.  These interactions provide players with the chance to discover key moments in Mr. Morris’s life. Importantly, these moments transform into mini-games and cinematic cutscenes that make an impact on a player’s playthrough. 

Of course, as players make their way through Blue Wednesday they will be able to discover different items, learn the rich lives of their fellow citizens, and importantly collect sheets of music. However, it is important to remember that the collection of music will change. Depending on the choices players make during their playthrough their musical sheets will be different. Check out the trailer for the game below for a look at this musical journey. 

Blue Wednesday is releasing on Steam on August 28th. Currently, a free demo is available on the game’s Steam page.