Pokemon Anime Postponed Due to COVID-19

For the First Time in Years, the Pokemon Anime is Being Postponed

Fans of the Pokemon anime series will have to wait a little while to see Ash Ketchum continue his journey because the upcoming episodes have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series will be in an indefinite hiatus while Japan implements stricter social distancing and quarantine practices, preventing anime studios from continuing operations for the foreseeable future. The last time the Pokemon anime faced any sort of delay was in the original series after a Porygon episode made Japanese citizens seizure, but this delay will surely be longer. Pokemon Sword and Shield are available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, with expansions bringing more content to the lengthy adventures.

Pokemon anime

Considering how long the Pokemon anime has been running and the lack of delays impacting its production, this COVID-19 pandemic has set another precedent. This is the first time the series has ever gone on an indefinite hiatus after over 20 years on television screens. Due to the indefinite hiatus, Oriental Light & Magic Inc. will be airing re-runs of the last series to help Pokemon fans fill the anime size hole in their lives. While we’re saddened to see the Pokemon anime being postponed, we look forward to catching up with Ash Ketchum when they return.

With the Pokemon anime undergoing an indefinite hiatus, it’s likely that the Pokemon movies will also be delayed, especially with the closure of movie theaters around the world. Measures such as this may seem extreme to dedicated fans but it’s for the health and well-being of everyone at the studio who makes the magical anime. Fans of the English dub will also be feeling the effects of the hiatus, with voice acting for dubs also being impacted by the current pandemic.

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Source: Comic Book Gaming