World Health Organization Encourages Gaming to Cope with COVID-19

WHO Let the Games Out

Well, well, well. Looks like the controller’s in the other hand. Not too long ago, the World Health Organization declared excessive gaming as a disorder, but now even they are turning to gaming for help. In this COVID-19 crisis, who’s laughing now? Nobody! It’s pretty damn serious and we wish everyone a speedy recovery! While everyone is doing the responsible thing of staying at home, it can be difficult if your home is boring. Gamers have been preparing for moments like this their entire lives, and now WHO is seeing the light.

World Health Organization

WHO is teaming up with developers and publishers such as Riot Games and Unity to encourage staying at home and playing video games with their Play Apart Together campaign. This campaign is an effort to get gamers to connect with each other digitally instead of face to face. While that may sound easy, even for an avid gamer such as myself, it is hard not to want to go outside every now and then, but the world depends on it. Other industry leaders have been doing their part, such as CD Projekt Red who has donated nearly 1 million dollars to COVID-19 relief. Others have encouraged sales and special in-game events to keep players home.

COVID-19 has affected everyone on some level. If health officials are telling you to play video games to save the world, then we should listen. Do your part; stay at home, slay that demon, plant those crops, loot those chests, whatever you have to do.

What have you been doing during your self-isolation? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter