Rod Fergusson Already Having Diablo IV Nightmares

Red Fergusson Claims Diablo IV Is Nightmare Fuel

According to the former head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, Diablo IV concept art is disturbing nightmare fuel. Ferguson recently took over the lead for Diablo IV and he took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm from his first few days with Activision Blizzard. He posed outside his new office and then shared that he’s seen the art archive and is impressed by it. Diablo IV doesn’t have a confirmed release date but it will be releasing on PC this year, with a console release expected as well.

Diablo IV

“Day 1 – let’s raise some Hell! #Diablo #BlizzLife,” said Rod Fergusson as part of his initial Twitter post. The first image showed Ferguson posing with the Orc statue at Blizzard headquarters in Irvine, California. “Day 2 – I got access to the #Diablo4 art archive today and OMG there is some very beautiful, yet disturbing, images in there. Very cool. So much talent on this team! #excited #alsonightmarefuel Any possible picture attachment has been redacted.” While Fergusson has seen the full extent of concept art for Diablo IV, we recently saw the new cannibal enemy group and are excited to see more from the title.

It’s clear with his day-by-day enthusiasm, Rod Fergusson is a great fit for the Diablo team at Blizzard and his role as being a finisher for projects like this will probably continue. Previously, he’s been known for working on the Gears series but Fergusson joined Blizzard at the beginning of March and he’s already hard at work on the newest Diablo title. Fergusson has an extensive catalog in game development and he was notably credited with helping finish BioShock Infinite when it hit a rough patch, finishing the project in time for launch day.

Are you glad that Diablo is returning to the darker themes of the old titles? Did you prefer the more colourful Diablo 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamespot