Midgar Is Very Fleshed out in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Midgar Had to Be a Standalone Final Fantasy 7 Remake Game

During a recent interview, Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi, the developers discussed the importance of giving Midgar a standalone experience with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The intent during development was to expand on and improve each of the areas to flesh the plot out a little better than the original game and to showcase all of the characters effectively. None of the locations will feel closed off from the others and Square Enix has created a cohesive world with part one of the upcoming remake. Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases exclusively for PS4 on April 10th.

Final Fantasy 7 midgar

“We really did pay so much attention to creating such different feeling locations, even within the city of Midgar,” said co-director Naoki Hamaguchi. “You’ve got all the different places in the city, you’ve got like, the plate city on the top, going down to the slums, the tunnels… for example, the circular tunnel, the central tunnel, it wasn’t really shown that much in the original, the one that goes all around the central pillar.” We remember playing through these areas in the original Final Fantasy VII and are looking forward to seeing how they’re improved for the remake.

“We really did focus on giving each of those their own little community and their own culture,” the co-director continued. “Again, maybe they’re not 100% super different, completely different visually, but they do look so different. They’ve each got their own little personality and culture too, so you really will experience so many different locations, so much variation even within Midgar. And like I say, each of those locations is really built based on the culture of the people there. You’ll really get feel for who lives there from from the visuals too.”

What part of the original Final Fantasy VII are you looking forward to seeing fleshed out more? Did you play the recently released demo? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG24/7