Amazon Lists PC Horizon Zero Dawn

PC Horizon Zero Dawn Looking Even More Likely Now

Rumours of a PC Horizon Zero Dawn are gaining traction thanks to Amazon. The French Amazon website accidentally listed the PC Horizon Zero Dawn on their website. The listing has since been taken down.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2

GamesRadar caught wind of the listing through a Resetera forum post earlier today. Although the listing has been removed, the damage is already done.

Rumours of a PC port go back to December of last year. A report from Kotaku in January added weight to those rumours. The report cites three anonymous sources who are privy to Sony’s plans for the game. Sony has not made an official statement about the possibility of a PC Horizon Zero Dawn port.

Exclusive games are becoming more of a rarity these days. Death Stranding is set to hit PC later this year, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake is slotted to hit other platforms next year.

Horizon Zero Dawn initially released in February 2017. The action-adventure game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have replaced most of the local wildlife and threaten the existence of primitive human societies. The game was well-received critically and has a strong following.

Source: GamesRadar