Lunar New Year Starts in Overwatch Tomorrow

New Skins Come to Overwatch Tomorrow With the Lunar New Year Event

According to Blizzard, this year’s Lunar New Year event starts tomorrow and will last until February 5th. Gamers can complete their weekly challenges to unlock firecracker laden New Year loot boxes for the chance to unlock one of the new skins, or skins from the previous couple of years if they missed any. There’s no word on how many skins gamers can expect from the event this year, but seven new skins have been leaked but traditionally the event includes eight new skins. Lunar New Year is coming to Overwatch gamers on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4.

Lunar New Year

Typically Blizzard lets their community know the Lunar New Year is upon them several days in advance, but with this year’s event, the company remained silent until just one day prior to the beginning of it. This year, Overwatch will be celebrating the Zodiac calendar’s Year of the Rat. So far, only two skins have officially been confirmed by Blizzard, with Moira getting a colourful and masked new Skin and Lucio getting a more playful and traditional Chinese skin. Blizzard has managed to turn Moira into a rainbow with her new skin but her glowing eyes emanating from behind her mask has us a little creeped out.

Other skins that have been leaked but are not yet confirmed for this year’s New Year event are a froggish and green Winston, a bright red and white Hammond with a golden hamster included, a stunning red, green and white skin for Brigitte, a pretty basic white and yellow skin for Doomfist and our favorite skin of the event, a purple and silver Sombra skin that’s reminiscent of something from the Power Rangers or World of Warcraft.

Are you excited for the beginning of Lunar New Year in Overwatch tomorrow? Which skin will you be grinding for if the leaks are accurate? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamesradar