Developers Aren’t Interested in Game Streaming

GDC Survey Shows Developers Aren’t Into Game Streaming

According to the GDC’s annual gaming survey, developers aren’t making games for game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Project xCloud. While we previously noted that the PlayStation 5 is the most hyped next-gen console in the eyes of developers, PC is still the leader overall. While more new projects are coming to PC and PlayStation, very few are coming to Google Stadia and Project xCloud according to the survey, with only 6% of respondents working on projects for Stadia and around 3% working on projects for xCloud. The future may be game streaming but it appears that the future isn’t now.

xCloud streaming

According to GDC’s new annual survey, developers are more likely to be working on a project for the PS5 or Xbox Series X than the game streaming services offered via xCloud and Stadia. 11% of respondents of the survey said they were developing their game for PS5 but Xbox Series X got less action with 9% of developers who responded working on the next-gen Microsoft console. Although these numbers seem low, the survey shows that a vast majority of developers are working for both next-gen and current-gen, which shows the power of cross generational titles like the ones we saw at the beginning of current-gen.

To Google Stadia’s credit, the company has created first-party development studios to create exclusive Stadia titles. This will apparently prevent the streaming service from being a total flop, despite only having 6% of developers that responded to the GDC survey working for games on the platform. Project xCloud has the backing of Microsoft and Xbox which will keep it above water with Xbox exclusive titles being developed for the flexibility of game streaming.

Are you a fan of game streaming or are you with developers in keeping with consoles and PC for now? What’s your favorite way to play games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Verge