Xbox Scarlett Has Two Models According to Rumors

Rumors Suggest There Are Two Xbox Scarlett Models: The Lockhart and Anaconda

The Xbox Lockhart may not be dead according to Jason Schrier who seems confident during Kotaku’s latest Splitscreen Podcast that there are two Xbox Scarlett models. Schrier claims that several third-party developers have voiced their displeasure about next generation consoles having multiple SKU’s similar to this console generation with Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch Lite and PS4 Pro. Apparently Xbox Scarlett has two existing units codenamed the Lockhart and Anaconda. Xbox Scarlett will be releasing next year but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the launch date or how many consoles will release yet.

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Just as with any rumors, things should be taken with a grain of salt, but Jason Schrier is a reputable source in the gaming industry with sources that he acknowledges during the Splitscreen Podcast. “I’ve heard some skepticism from third-party developers, who are, like, ‘Hey, it’s a pain in the ass to ship on multiple hardware SKUs.’ Second of all,” said Jason Schrier. “This is going to hamper us, because Microsoft is requiring us to ship on this lower-powered version, that has the equivalent graphical power of a PS4 Pro.'”

Apparently the Lockhart console is less powerful and features less RAM than the more powerful Anaconda system. “The way it’s been described to me…I think (Lockhart) is going to have significantly less RAM, but the CPU makes a big difference, especially when it comes to framerate. The SSD makes a huge difference when it comes to loading times,” said Jason Schrier. “So, I think what (devs) can do a lot of the time is knock down the texture quality, take a hit on the resolution, but you don’t have to sacrifice framerate as much.”

Do you believe the rumors from Jason Schrier or will you wait until Xbox confirms how many consoles they’ll have next generation before getting excited? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech