StarCraft II Vets Form New Studio; Blizzard Done With RTS

StarCraft II Veterans Found Frost Giant Studios

Several Blizzard veterans that worked on StarCraft II have officially detached themselves from Activision Blizzard to found a new company known as Frost Giant Studios. The list of veterans joining Frost Giant includes Tim Campbell, Tim Morten, and Joseph Shunk and the team will apparently focus on RTS. The departure of these developers stems from Blizzard dropping StarCraft II support and reportedly shooting down any RTS ideas. StarCraft II is still available for PC and Mac, but it will no longer be supported by Activision Blizzard.


The following developers have left Activision Blizzard to join Frost Giant Studios: Tim Morten (Production Director & CEO), Cara LaForge (Business Operations Lead), Tim Campbell (Game Director & President), Kevin Dong (Lead Co-op Designer), Ryan Schutter (Lead UX Designer), Micky Neilson (Writer, External), Austin Hudelson (Lead Server Engineer), Joseph Shunk (Lead Client Engineer).

With all of these StarCraft II developers leaving Activision Blizzard to create Frost Giant Studios, and the founder of Blizzard making a team of Activision Blizzard veterans known as Dreamhaven, we’re curious to know why so many people are leaving giant gaming company lately.


Jason Schrier chimed in on Twitter regarding Frost Giant Studios saying, “Last week, Blizzard announced that it was ending development on StarCraft 2. It’s been clear for a while that RTS games don’t make enough money for Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. Today, a bunch of Blizzard vets have announced that they’re making a new RTS game… I’ve heard stories of Blizzard folks trying to get RTS games greenlit in recent years with no success, so it’s sadly no surprise to see a bunch of devs who love the genre starting their own company.”

Are you curious to see what Frost Giant Studios and Dreamhaven both come up with now that the developers are free of Activision Blizzard? Let us know in the comments below!