Sega Interactive and Sega Games Merging in 2020

Toshihiro Nagoshi Says Sega Interactive and Sega Games Will Merge in April 2020

According to chief creative officer at Sega, Toshihiro Nagoshi, Sega Interactive and Sega Games will merge in April of next year. The two companies will be merging into one known simply as Sega. April 2020 will be the beginning of the next fiscal year and this big change for the company will allow them to make new, great content. Sega Holdings will also change its name to Sega Group at the same time, showing a massive restructuring within the company that fans may not immediately see the benefits of.

sega Interactive

Making the announcement during the December 24th SegaNama stream, Sega Sammy Holdings claimed that no company is simply named Sega and the upcoming merge between Sega Interactive and Sega Games will change that in April 2020. Sega Interactive handles “Amusement Games” which encompasses more than just video games while Sega Games is the company developing video games for consoles, PC and smartphones. Apparently the division was originally created to focus on things beyond video games such as toys and other merchandise. We presume these products will continue to be manufactured under the name Sega.

With the merge between Sega Interactive and Sega Games, it feels like Sega has gone full circle for 90’s kids familiar with the Mega Drive/Genesis. Sega had to branch out before when Sega Interactive and Sega Games were separate identities so that each branch could establish their own set of rules but the markets have changed again, forcing the company to return to its roots. With these upcoming changes for Sega, we expect to see a more focused and driven company in the next fiscal year.

Are you surprised that Sega is merging so many divisions in 2020 or does it seem redundant to you? What do you expect as a result of the mergers? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers