Sega Teases Fans With Sonic Adventure Remix

That’s Just Cruel of You Guys

People really love Sonic Adventure. This was ‘my childhood’ for a whole lot of gamers. So you can understand why people got pretty excited to see an official Sonic Adventure remix of the Station Square theme. Oh my god, what if they’re teasing a remake? You know?

Sonic Adventure remix

That said, there hasn’t been an announcement of any sort up to this point. There was incredibly vague talk about the possibility of a remake being on the table in 2018, but that’s about it. But that’s surely enough to go on for the most diehard Sonic fans out there. If they’re teasing us like this, that means it’s happening. Right???

Okay but if any game needs the remake treatment, it’s Sonic Adventure. Yes you all love this game to death, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t played it recently. Having only made the attempt as an adult, the whole experience is certainly memorable. That’s not the same thing as good! Maybe if they re-recorded the voice tracks, synced up the animations, gutted the sound effects, replaced all the textures, and revamped the controls, then we’d have ourselves… a totally new game. Yes, let’s go with that, actually. The remix in question is embedded below. Enjoy!