Gears 5 Players Getting Massive Bans

Almost Two Years!

After multiple warnings from The Coalition, players are starting to get massive bans for rage-quitting Gears 5 matches online. How big is massive? The longest ban reported so far is 640 days. That’s achingly close to two whole years! There might be another new Gears game out by then!

gears 5 JD massive bans

These massive bans aren’t going to just anybody, so don’t panic yet. One reported case, the 640-day ban, had quit 18 of the last 21 escalation matches they’d played. Meanwhile, less severe cases can be only a month-long ban. The Coalition started out by giving month-long to year-long bans for prior behavior. Players affected by these bans were un-suspended in an effort to give them one more chance.

People rage-quitting after this second chance scenario is exactly how one user ended up banned for almost two years. In other words, when the company tells you to straighten up and fly right, maybe do it? It’s not even that hard! Just lose a match once in a while instead of dropping out early, and you’re good to go! How hard could it really be? Gears 5 is available right now on PC and the Xbox One. You can check out our review of the game here.