League of Legends Will Be at The Game Awards

League of Legends Single Player Game Among the 15 Titles at The Game Awards

Riot Games recently opened a new publishing label called Riot Forge which is apparently working on a single player League of Legends experience that will be unveiled at The Game Awards next week. The single player experience will be completable according to Riot Forge’s official website. Geoff Keighley let League fans know that the first of these single player games will be premiered at The Game Awards through his Twitter account, teasing one of the 15 games being revealed that night. The Game Awards take place on December 12th at 5:30 PM PST and we’re totally hyped.

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With the success of League of Legends and the major following Riot Games has established with it come more ways to interact with the familiar characters in the upcoming Riot Forge single player experiences. According to their website, “the League Universe and its champions offer limitless possibilities; by supporting and empowering passionate partners to tell their own stories and expand the League world, we’ll deliver a variety of bespoke games that enable players of all types to experience League in new and exciting ways.” Though we aren’t sure how they’ll empower the passionate partners of League, we’re certain they’ll provide interesting ways to tell the story of various League of Legends characters.

Riot Forge seems to be hiring developers for their team so the upcoming League of Legends single player experiences may not be released for a while still. They’ll  be “partnering with experienced and talented developers from around the world.” It’ll be interesting to see if The Game Awards announcement has anything to do with Wild Rift, the mobile and console League of Legends game, or if it’s a standalone experience.

Who’s your favorite League of Legends character and why? What do you expect from a single player League? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech