Incredibly Hot League of Legends Cosplay is Breathtaking

League of Legends Cosplay

Every weekend we try to share with you some amazing cosplay from around the globe. We scour the internet for the latest and greatest cosplay photos. Over the past several months we have shared with you some crazy sexy Morenn cosplay from Witcher 3 and some steamy Lost Saga cosplay. We even stumbled across a cosplayer who looks exactly like Harley Quinn. Last month we even had some sexy Cindy cosplay from Final Fantasy XV. Whatever cosplay that jumps out at us, we will share it. This weekend, we ran into some League of Legends cosplay. Check out the first picture below:

League of Legends Cosplay Top

As you can see, the photo is spectacular. This cosplay is by Vietnamese-American cosplayer Hana Bunny. She is portraying Ahri who is a playable female champion in the online game. Ahri is a very mobile assassin class champion who requires a good deal of precision to pull off her abilities.Take a peak at another image below:

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