Final Fantasy XV Cindy Cosplay is Provocative, Sexy and Tasteful

Stunning Final Fantasy XV Cindy Cosplay

Every weekend we try to share with you some amazing cosplay from around the globe. Well, we don’t actually travel the globe but we scour the internet for the latest and greatest cosplay photos. Over the past year we have shared with you sexy Mei Chaofeng cosplay from The Legend of The Condor Heroes, some crazy good Morenn cosplay from Witcher 3 and a little steamy Lost Saga cosplay. We even stumbled across a cosplayer who looks exactly like Harley Quinn. Whatever cosplay that jumps out at us, we will share it. This weekend, we ran into some Final Fantasy XV Cindy and it looks great. Check out the first picture below:

Final Fantasy XV Cindy Pic

As you can see, the photo is spectacular. In Final Fantasy XV if you got a broken car or you want to modify your ride there is only one person for the job, and that is Cindy. Cindy Aurum is the head mechanic in Hammerhead garage. Cindy is arguably FFXV’s hottest character, so its no wonder her cosplay is popular. Take a peak at a couple more images:

Final Fantasy XV Cindy

Final Fantasy XV Cindy

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