Intellivision Amico Launching With Moon Patrol

Intellivision Amico Will Launch Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles

Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles will be an Intellivision Amico launch title and the game will be playable through an AR app in December. The Intellivision Amico releases in October 2020 but the AR app will be a great way for gamers to try its upcoming titles such as Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles which is a reimagining of the classic 1982 sci-fi arcade game of the same name. The Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles demo becomes available on December 3, 2019 to celebrate Intellivision’s 40th anniversary but gamers will have to purchase a commemorative t-shirt to play it.

Moon Patrol Intellivision Amico

To play the Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles demo, gamers will have to download the Amico AR app, then buy an official shirt with the Intellivision Amico logo on it. Once gamers own this shirt, they must point their phone camera at the shirt to play the demo right on top of it. Although this seems like a fun and quirky way to celebrate AR technology, it’s a little confusing for mobile gamers who would rather just try the game with no strings attached. Though, once a gamer has played the demo this way, it will be unlocked on the app to play whenever, wherever.

With just less than a year to go before the release of the Intellivision Amico, fun promotional ideas like this are a great way to engage their community. It’s unlikely that most people who remember the original Intellivision will be interested enough in the Amico to purchase a shirt to try an AR demo, but it’s likely Moon Patrol fans will give The Milky Way Chronicles a try.

Will you be getting the Intellivision Amico or do you have enough platforms on the go right now? Does the Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles demo interest you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers