Ubisoft Planning Multiple Animated TV Series’

Ubisoft Doing Animated TV Adaptations of Multiple Franchises

According to a recent press release, Ubisoft is pursuing TV Series’ for several of their key franchises. So far the shows being worked on are animated series’ based on Watch Dogs and Far Cry. Ubisoft will also be working on show based on their Hungry Sharks franchise and if it’s anything like Street Sharks, we’re in. This announcement comes shortly after the company saw major success of an animated adaptation of the Rabbids series in France. These animated TV series’ have no official release but it’s exciting to know they’re being produced.


Apparently the upcoming Watch Dogs television series is aimed at a pre-teen audience as a young protagonist tackles cyber mysteries using gadgets familiar to the game series. The Far Cry TV show is targeted towards a mature audience like the games but it actually shares more similarities with the 80’s themed Blood Dragon spin off than the mainline games. Hungry Sharks seems targeted towards younger gamers but the plot is so far as elusive as Assassin’s Creed.

We’re excited to see all of the confirmed TV series’ but if the Rabbids got this train rolling, they should get their own series too. We also think one of the Tom Clancy franchises and Rayman would make great candidates but we don’t expect to see an Assassin’s Creed series as Ubisoft has already started a cinematic universe for that franchise. One Ubisoft franchise that definitely doesn’t need a TV series is Steep as all of the extreme sports stuff anyone wants can be found online already.

What’s your favorite Ubisoft franchise and would you like to see it immortalized through TV, not just gaming? Which of the announced shows has you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt